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Aloha and Welcome to Seattle Outrigger

Seattle Outrigger Canoe Club is a group of active men and women with a passion for water sports along with an interest in Hawaiian Culture. We paddle six-person outrigger canoes year-round, pushing ourselves and each other while having as much fun as possible. If you are interested in giving outrigger canoe paddling a try, know that above all, we love to share our passion with others. You may start by reading on to learn more about SOCC and outrigger paddling. You can also contact us if you want to come out for a paddle. In addition, visiting paddlers from out of town are also welcome to join us!

In the Pacific Northwest, canoe paddlers have the opportunity to enjoy the surrounding of unique waterways like Lake Washington, the Gorge, and Puget Sound. Teams in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia compete during the spring and summer. Some clubs even travel to California and Pacific island competitions as the season progresses.

The SOCC Women’s team pulls for Alki Beach during the 2011 Da Grind.

Paddling an outrigger canoe takes more than just muscle. It takes coordination and focus, with six paddlers working as one. Consequently, the 40-foot, 400-pound canoe glides forward seemingly effortlessly when bodies and minds come together. It is a feeling that can’t be duplicated any other way. Most of all, it’s a killer workout that gets you out on the water in probably the nicest urban paddle spot around. In addition, our club participates in outrigger canoe races during the summer months. Outrigger canoe racing requires hard work, dedication, and commitment, but it’s a ton of fun at the end of the day. We even host our race, Da Grind, right on beautiful Alki Beach.

Interested in knowing more?

We are always excited to introduce new people to the wonderful sport of outrigger canoe paddling. Explore our website, read about recent club activities, and see the Membership page for details on practice days, times, and locations. If it seems like you might want to give paddling a try, email us at [email protected] and come join us! We can also host your next corporate outing or group paddle.

Contact Us

2022 Board of Directors:

  • President: Anthony Pristyak
  • Vice President: Dina Spangenberg
  • Treasurer: John Dobrowolski
  • Secretary: Bethany Fong
  • Kamalei Monger


  • Megan Herndon
  • Mari Otto
  • Ken Kroeger

Recent media coverage:

  • Written— This 2013 story about outrigger paddling in the Pacific Northwest features Seattle Outrigger.
  • Da Grind–This short article and wonderful slideshow in the West Seattle Herald illustrate the 2011 race.
  • Video–This 2010 Seattle Channel video about outrigger canoeing in the Pacific Northwest features local paddlers, with interviews and paddling footage from 3 Seattle-area clubs, including Seattle Outrigger.
  • Written–A 2008 story in the Seattle Times Sunday Magazine focuses on the local outrigger paddling community including several SOCC paddlers.