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Keiki Paddling With Seattle Outrigger Canoe Club

a few of our keiki (children) paddlers at green lake
All smiles between sprint races

Seattle Outrigger Canoe Club (SOCC) is home to one of the largest outrigger canoe paddling programs for keiki (Hawaiian for “children”) in the Pacific Northwest. With over 40 members ages 8 to 18, our keiki paddlers learn the fundamentals of paddling through practicing and racing with our club. Through this program, kids have the opportunity to learn a love of the sport and perpetuate Hawaiian culture in the Pacific Northwest.

About Outrigger Canoe Paddling

Outrigger canoe paddling is an ancient practice dating back to 200 A.D. Originating in Southeast Asia and Polynesia, the sport began as a means of livelihood and transportation. Today, from Honolulu to Dubai and everywhere in between, there are hundreds of canoe clubs around the world. SOCC is a part of the Pacific Northwest Outrigger Canoe Racing Association (PNWORCA), which brings together canoe clubs from Northern Oregon to Vancouver, B.C.

Like crew, kayaking, dragon boating, and other paddle sports, outrigger canoe paddling involves teamwork and collaboration on the water. The outrigger, or “ama” as it is called in most Polynesian cultures, sets our canoes apart from other styles of canoes and kayaks. In our keiki program, kids learn to paddle six-person outrigger canoes in the traditional Hawaiian style: they propel the boat forward with a long, deep stroke switching sides of the canoe every ten to twelve strokes.

Keiki Paddling With Seattle Outrigger Canoe Club

Seattle Outrigger keiki (child) paddlers at a race
A few members of the keiki team

Whether your child is from a family of paddlers or is brand new to the sport, SOCC welcomes keiki and adult paddlers of all ages and experience levels. This sport teaches kids various skills and is a great way to get your children out and about during the warmer months. SOCC keiki paddlers have a ton of fun on the water while also learning:

  • Teamwork and collaboration with their fellow paddlers
  • Paddling technique and fitness
  • Hawaiian culture, words, and other traditions related to canoe paddling
  • Stewardship for the water and environment
  • And more!

Our keiki crews practice Mondays from (time to time) at Waterway 18, North Northlake Way, near Gasworks Park. Children are also welcome to participate in our summer sprint races in June and July, where keiki paddlers race in quarter-mile or half-mile races with an adult steersperson.

To learn more about SOCC’s Keiki Paddling Program, contact us at [email protected]!

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