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Novice Practices

SOCC paddlers at sprint race
SOCC paddlers at sprint race


Now that November is here, novice practices are available by prearrangement with the coaches.  Note: See our Membership page for more information regarding practices.

Anyone is welcome, whether you’re completely new to paddling, new to outrigger paddling, or just want to get some refreshers on the basics. The exertion level will be moderate to heavy, depending on your fitness level, but we’ll take appropriate breaks and it won’t take long for your body to snap into paddling shape.

Given that this is Seattle, it can still be cold and wet in spite of what the calendar says, so dress accordingly. Polypropylene (or similar) material is recommended, as well as neoprene or rubber boots, and hats. Clothing should allow you to move. You should bring water as well, and a change of clothes for after the workout.

We have a number of loaner paddles, so don’t worry if you do not have your own.

For information on whether we’re holding a novice practice on a particular week, contact [email protected]

Hope to see you on the water!