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Rusty Iron in Oregon – 2010

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The first long distance race of 2010, The Rusty Iron in Portland

before the race
SOCC Women’s Open crew

SOCC sent 3 crews down to the 2010 Rusty Iron in Portland. Everyone did well and had a great time. It was a super way to start our 2010 racing season!

Our results:

  • Women’s Open (3rd) — The women’s open crew took 3rd with a time of 1:16:05, less than 3 minutes behind the winning time of 1:13:03.
    (Jocelyn, Kristi, Naomi, Melissa, Kim and Sabine)
  • Men’s Open (4th) — The men’s open team took 4th, coming in at 1:04:27, less than 4 minutes behind the winning time of 1:00:57.
    (Rob, Mike, Murray, Matt, Steve and Doug)
  • Mixed Masters (1st) — The mixed masters team (short course) took 1st, with a winning time of 38:13, more than 4 minutes ahead of the next OC6.
    (Sabine, Jocelyn, Murray, Lisa*, Michelle* and Doug)
    * first race!

Congratulations to everyone for a superb team accomplishment.

Want to read more? Here are some “horse’s mouth” race reports from participants.

Before the race
SOCC Men’s Open Crew