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Canoe Borrowing Form

If you are taking out the OC-2 or OC-6, let us know who is accompanying you
What direction are you headed? When are you leaving?
I confirm that all paddlers have Paddlesport insurance via their club, or have paid the one time fee to a treasurer. You also confirm that have read and accepted the SOCC Canoe Use Policies listed below.

SOCC Canoe Use Policies:

  • A SOCC coach must clear each person to paddle or steer in writing before the person uses a SOCC canoe or equipment.
  • Signed SOCC Waiver Form from each non-member must be emailed to [email protected]
  • Life jackets must be worn 11/1 thru 4/30 and must be worn or stowed in canoe 5/1 thru 10/31
  • A working mobile communication device must be stowed on board the canoe at all time.
  • Persons borrowing a SOCC canoe/equipment must pay for repair and/or replacement for damages or loss.