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Competitive Racing

The Na Pali coast is calling us
Aloha all paddlers,

Spring is here, and we are again practicing three times per week.

Our racing season starts in April, and if you took it easy this winter, that doesn’t leave you much time to get back in paddling shape.

Last year the big race for the club was the Catalina Crossing. We had a mixed crew of 3 men and six women, and we had a blast. We finished with a fabulous 5th place, and everybody had a fantastic time.

For the 2010 racing season, we will focus on the local races in the greater Pacific Northwest Region. Exciting races are in Gibsons in BC, a beautiful but long and hard course of 14 miles; then a week later the Gorge Race in Stevenson, Washington in mid-July.

Our race, DaGrind will be at Magnuson Park on August 7 this year, and we will work hard to make it yet another great race in this region.  (We will be back at Alki Beach in 2011!)

Also in August, some of us will be in Hawaii. We have enough paddlers committed to racing in the Na Pali Challenge on Kauai. This 38-mile race involves a crew of 12 (6 women, six men) and takes place on August 14. That is just a week after DaGrind, so for those six men and six women, the earlier races will lead up to this great race.

And at the end of August is the Lake Washington Changeout race, a long and fun race that we hope will be attended by all of our paddlers. It’s a great experience, and everyone will have a chance to show what they are made of and how they’ve grown as paddlers over the season.

In September the season is ending for the local races, and we hope to still have lots of interest from everybody to attend that races. I am hoping you all are excited about the new season.



SOCC women at the 2009 Grind
one of the SOCC women’s crews at DaGrind 2009

DaGrind 2009

The first lap is done at DaGrind 2009

3 thoughts on “Competitive Racing”

  1. Aloha! My name isBrian and I paddled for Lanakila in Redondo Beach in SoCal for the 1976 and 1977 seasons racing in the “sprints” as well as the long distance races like the Catalina Race and Newport/Balboa Race. It was the best shape that I’ve ever been in and I had a great time. It was a great part of my life that I won’t forget. Glad to hear that the sport is going strong up here in the Great Northwest! My family and I have been living on Whidbey Island for the last 19 years. I’v Often wished that we had a canoe over here to practice in! Anyway just reaching out to some fellow paddlers. Maybe I’ll come by some time.

  2. I’m an experienced SUP racer and also paddled for Lanikai 20+ years ago. Im looking to get back to OC6 and was curious about upcoming practices and the racing season. Please feel free to contact me.

    Dan Davis

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